As the infection spreads, you don’t want to be left on your feet. Walkers engulf everywhere, and are on top of everything. Your only way to higher ground is through the madness.

You’ve got one choice: drive.

Maybe you’re not prepping for the zombie plague. Maybe you just want a monster of a machine that’ll go through anything Mother Nature puts at your wheels? We’ve got your back.

Each Zombie Machine is a road tested utility vehicle that makes an awesome work truck or sport vehicle for off-roading.
Complete customization is available upon request.​


Zombie Ready road machine or custom built utility vehicle

Zombie Machines digs up forgotten military vehicles and we hack and chop them into super cool, one of a kind machines that’ll get you out of the next disaster alive or make a killer entrance when you arrive.

Each Zombie Machine is a custom built, off road havoc machine that’ll turn heads and keep people talking when you cruise past.



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We created Zombie Machines because we are passionate about what we do. We love restoring these vehicles and we hope you will be a part of this passion.

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Zombie Machines also restore the classics of yesterday. From Hot Rods to the American Muscle Car, we’re all in on bringing back the spirit of the road. A Zombie Machines restoration is built from the ground up and period correct.

We build our motors from the block up and take pride getting every detail correct. From our Preparation vehicles to our classic restorations, ZombieMachines strive for quality and the ultimate cool factor.

Zombie Machines restore dream cars while saving you from your worst nightmares.

8834 N Capitlal of TX Hwy, Suite 230
Austin, TX 78759
Email: info@zombiemachines.com


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