Prepare or Die

Zombie Machines Raise the Dead


As the infection spreads, you don’t want to be left on your feet. Walkers engulf everywhere, and are on top of everything. Your only way to higher ground is through the madness.

You’ve got one choice: drive.

Maybe you’re not prepping for the zombie plague. Maybe you just want a monster of a machine that’ll go through anything Mother Nature puts at your wheels? We’ve got your back.

Zombie Machines digs up forgotten badass utility and armored military trucks, and we hack and chop them into super cool, one of a kind machines that'll get you out of the next disaster.  

Each Zombie Machine is a road-tested utility vehicle that makes an awesome work truck or sport vehicle for off-roading.
Complete customization is available upon request. ‚Äč


Each Zombie Machine is a custom built, off road havoc machine that’ll turn heads and keep people talking when you cruise past.  These trucks are just what you need to get out quick.  This is the best apocalypse survival vehicle to run over Zombies. 

Preppers Truck Features


  • Military core, refurbished to new or better specs

  • Ability for long range expeditions to safety destination

  • 900 Liters of fuel (237 gallons)

  • Solar panels (x kilowatts)

  • Steel frame camper 

  • Recon vehicle rack

  • Roof mounted tent

  • Armored - Impact proof / bulletproof windows

  • GPS tracking

  • Satellite phone

  • Satellite internet

  • Deep water fording capability for stream and rivers – up to 5ft of water

  • Remote controlled entry

  • Night vision front and rear camera

  • Marine grade stereo

  • Electricity inverter with U.S. outlets

  • Redundant simple systems to ensure long term reliability

  • Airbag suspension

  • Completely covered in superliner ™ that provides long durability as well as proven blast migration

  • Globally sourced components



Other customizable options available upon request:

  • Run flat tire and central tire inflation system

  • Caterpillar 3116 diesel engine

  • Allison MD Automatic Transmission

  • Rockwell Axles

  • A/C

  • LED lighting

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Foldaway beds

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